Etched upon a hearth of a million tears,
Stands your picture, stoic and tall-
A family tribute to their child,
A beautiful, beautiful girl not here long at'll.

Through eyes of soulful love your gaze endears,
With so much content to my amaze.
All around you people talk about projects.
That go on around the city by the sea.

The miradores much admired,
The house on broadway, pure delight.
None, how'er can match your disarming gaze-
A beautiful, beautiful too soon gone.

Oh, how I'd give up this enchanting view
To know the thought in your mind as
The portrait took, recording your look-
Such a beautiful, beautiful girl here not long at'll.

This to no avail because your charm and demure smile.
Are part of history for the ages hence.
No matter how hard one may try to explore your thoughts,
Your intense gaze is looking eternally to eternity.